Five Reasons Why Inhouse Designers Well Positioned to Effect Change

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Original Article is from AIGA: Here’s a list of what Kimberley Parker sees as unique points for encouraging more In-house design studios: 1. In-house designers have direct access to decision makers. As an in-house designer, you may find yourself working directly with higher-ups or even the owner of the company. This is a great opportunity to get to know them, ask questions and, in a respectful way, make suggestions. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, especially when asked. Present your point of view from a positive place—a place of opportunity—being careful not to complain. Decision-makers are often interested to know what their employees really think, and if you cultivate […]

What can design do for science, and science do for design?

‘Scientists cannot be held responsible for all of the problems in science communication. Communication is a complex, two-way process. People may hear and understand a message yet not be able to act on it’. Here is a link to the article published in Cheltenham Festival’s Litmus. back in June 2013. In it there’s a discussion in how to improve better and more accessible communication for science and technology. They see that design and communication is an ‘integral’ part of the research process – not just the bit at the end that’s the ‘impact’. ‘In our definition, design is concerned with ideas and problem solving on technical, functional, aesthetic, economic and socio-political levels’.  […]

The Death of the Logo

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The Death of the Logo

  ‘Logos are a hangover from another time. They need to be shaken off, moved away from, de-focused.’ Simon Manchipp, Director at Someone. Have logos become ‘pricey doodles’? Simon Manchipp seems to think so in his article: Logos are Dead . You don’t have to go far to on Google Image search to find a plethora of generic one size fits all logos available to buy. Where the uniqueness out there? Michael Johnson (Johnsonbanks) Doesn’t seem to think that the logo is dead. However, he does think that there is too much of a sheep mentality when it comes to branding –  there’s plenty of ‘samey’ looking tourism and university logos […]

Goodbye Information Age, Hello Conceptual Age

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Quite an interesting article in Wired: Revenge of the Right Brain by Daniel K Pink. “In a world upended by outsourcing, deluged with data, and choked with choices, the abilities that matter most are now closer in spirit to the specialties of the right hemisphere – artistry, empathy, seeing the big picture, and pursuing the transcendent.” Okay, so this article was written back in 2005. However, there’s a rather interesting discussion here as Pink Points out : We’ve created and lived through the ‘Information Age’ which utilised the logic of our left brain and that we are now living in a ‘Conceptual Age’, governed by artistry, empathy, and emotion. This chap argues, that […]

Managing Relationships: Designer and Client

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Managing Relationships: Designer and Client

Whilst working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills I presented to the Internal Comms. I had helped set up an in-house design team and had come across some relationship hurdles that needed to be addressed. Having previously been a civil servant, I could understand (but not necessarily agree with) the ‘text heavy’ and risk aversive culture. However, I could not understand the lack of design and creative thinking. Particularly for a Department that champions the Creative Industries. I had found that creativity was seen as last minute add on, rather than something imbedded. This caused numerous issues with important messages being lost and costs becoming bloated due to […]

Regional Development Agencies

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Regional Development Agencies

I can’t help but look back longingly at the really interesting projects that came out through the Regional Development Agencies in the UK. Dott 07 and Dott Cornwall perfectly illustrated  how grassroots design leads to new and better services through collaboration and innovation. Rather than me harp and eulogise on them, details can be found here: Since the RDA’s abolition, there’s been difficulty in seeking a successful and positive integrated strategy: “Creative content, skills and innovation are all much discussed… but not together. The problem is more than an organisational one. Rather, there has been an imaginative failure as to how the building blocks of our creative economy should come together.” […]