The Value of Design

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The Value of Design

Wow – Squarespace seem’s to have hit a nerve with some in the creative community recently. Tom Actman’s article – Why designers shouldn’t worry about Squarespace Logo  tries to reassure the creative community that all is not lost.

As Actman points out, Squarespace’s web developer tool hasn’t exactly killed off digital agencies (yet). I can see the worry and insecurity that some people have expressed with regards to their ‘Logos Made Simple’ tool, but there’s more to a company’s identity than just a logo. However, most people outside of the comms world aren’t fully aware of this. Who’s to blame for this lack of knowledge? And, fair play to someone finding a gap in the market.

As a designer, i can’t help but feel that this does devalue the design process. like with Fiverr. Charging $10 or $5 for a design just adds to that general assumption design is an add on service.

People will no doubt start to notice that there’s limitations in quality with these services. However, designers and communicators should continue to keep pushing forward.

We all need to up the ante and help encourage clients to embrace the creative process more, then they’ll know that they’re getting better value for money.

‘Designers need to learn how to sell value in their design as well as they know how to create beauty and communicate a message. This is the wrong field to be in if you are worried about change’

Interesting quote in the comments section of this article, and spot on.

(image used is from Creative Review).

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