Regional Development Agencies

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Regional Development Agencies

I can’t help but look back longingly at the really interesting projects that came out through the Regional Development Agencies in the UK.

Dott 07 and Dott Cornwall perfectly illustrated  how grassroots design leads to new and better services through collaboration and innovation. Rather than me harp and eulogise on them, details can be found here:

Since the RDA’s abolition, there’s been difficulty in seeking a successful and positive integrated strategy:

“Creative content, skills and innovation are all much discussed… but not together. The problem is more than an organisational one. Rather, there has been an imaginative failure as to how the building blocks of our creative economy should come together.” Frank Boyd, director of Creative Knowledge Transfer Network.

However, The Technology Strategy Board has revised its Creative Industries strategy, including £26m in sector specific funding.  In BOP’s blog, Graham Hitchen suggests that the funding programmes are developing a regional focus, recognising creative clusters etc.

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