A New Direction in Marketing?

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Article: What If Your Autonomous Car Keeps Routing You Past Krispy Kreme?

On a future road trip, your robot car decides to take a new route, driving you past a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop. A pop-up window opens on your car’s display and asks if you’d like to stop at the store. “Don’t mind if I do,” you think to yourself. You press “yes” on the touchscreen, and the autonomous car pulls up to the shop.

Although, I’m not entirely convinced by the idea that autonomous cars will be flooding our roads very soon (current ones look a little naff ). I can’t help but be a little spooked by the idea that a vehicle will be able to learn your driving habits then try and tempt you to spend money via routes sponsored by stores.

As the article states, it’s not that unusual with taxi drivers at the moment. Plus, we’re all pretty much aware of the targeted (albeit slightly off target) marketing on Facebook, so is there reason to be that worried?


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