Managing Relationships: Designer and Client

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Managing Relationships: Designer and Client

Whilst working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills I presented to the Internal Comms. I had helped set up an in-house design team and had come across some relationship hurdles that needed to be addressed. Having previously been a civil servant, I could understand (but not necessarily agree with) the ‘text heavy’ and risk aversive culture.

However, I could not understand the lack of design and creative thinking. Particularly for a Department that champions the Creative Industries. I had found that creativity was seen as last minute add on, rather than something imbedded. This caused numerous issues with important messages being lost and costs becoming bloated due to bad planning.

This was an exciting time to embrace creativity and look at it’s wider context. I found things were starting to change within the Department.

Managing Relationships: Between the Client and the Designer

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